So What’s the story here?

The story is this, we’re passionate about the creative scene in Cardiff, and we think it’s one of the best communities around in the creative industry (we might be slightly biased… but we’re also probably right).

So we had an epiphany… what if Cardiff had a space that was more than just a studio. A creative hub where everyone, artists, teams, whole crews and beyond, can make cool stuff, shoot cool film and photography, host a gallery exhibition, come and learn, network and be a part of Cardiff’s ever-growing pot of creative brilliance.

We thought about it, and then we made it. Welcome to your new favourite creative space, welcome to Teddy’s Place.


Creator Packages2024-02-20T15:06:20+00:00

Creator Packages are monthly subscriptions offering bundled booking hours at a discounted rate and other perks for anybody looking to make use of Teddy’s Place regularly. Perhaps you’re photographer or videographer, a content creator, a small businessowner, or any other creative clever cloggs… whoever you are and whatever you make, our Creator Packages could be for you!

How do they work?

  • For a monthly fee (dependent on your choice of package) you will have a certain number of bookable hours to use to book time at Teddy’s Place, which saves you money on our standard fees.
  • Packages have a minimum term of 2 months, and afterwards can be cancelled anytime.
  • Minimum 2 hour booking still applies to all creator packages.
  • Hours can be booked any time, subject to availability (we only offer a certain number of Creator Packages, to ensure that you can make full use of your credits!)
  • Creator Package subscribers get discounted rates on our lighting packages, too! Just £7 per hour!

The boring bit…

  • Only one hour from the previous month may be rolled over to the following month, unless in extenuating circumstances. (Teddy’s Place reserves the right to revoke this at any time.)
  • The minimum term for Creator Packages is 2 months, after which time they may be cancelled at any time. For example, your chosen package will be billed monthly, for the described monthly fee, for 2 months, after which time you may cancel at any time.
Ok, so who is Teddy?2022-12-15T19:37:04+00:00

Ah, great question! Teddy’s Place is named after our founder’s grandfather, “Teddy” Edward Hurley. A legend in his own right, you can find out more about the original Teddy himself when you visit the studio!

What about equipment hire?2022-12-15T19:33:04+00:00

We can help with that, too. We have excellent relationships with rental houses up and down the country, and can source you pretty much anything, and get you great rates. Get in touch and we’ll sort you right out.

I need a crew, can you help?2022-12-15T19:07:28+00:00

Yes, yes we can. We can provide anyone you need for your production, whether it be a runner, a gaffer, or the whole crew! For information on rosters, rates cards, and more please get in touch.

I need to feed my crew!2022-12-15T19:03:55+00:00

We can tailor our catering packages to any size or requirement and have excellent options available via our close links with amazing local artisan caterers.

I have lots of kit, what is access like?2022-12-15T08:39:46+00:00

We’re glad you asked… we have huge double doors for loading and unloading, and an industrial winch for safely moving all of your heavier kit (or just all of your kit if you like!) which your Studio Liaison will help you manage. If you have a van or larger vehicle for kit, please let us know when booking or give us a call.

How does booking work?2022-12-15T08:37:33+00:00

Booking your dream shoot is easy! Either fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you within 24 hours, or give us a call using the BOOK NOW button at the top and one of the Teddy’s Team will help you get booked in. We’ll get any information we need to make sure your shoot runs buttery smooth. Once you’re happy, we’ll send you an email to pay your deposit (or you can do this over the phone) and confirm your booking. Hoorah!

What about parking?2022-12-15T08:29:10+00:00

There is parking nearby, with some parking down the lane. If you require extra parking or are unsure, we can help with solutions to almost any need, just give us a call!

Where is Teddy’s based?2022-12-22T20:30:43+00:00

We are based minutes from Cardiff City Centre, just off Newport Road. Check out the Google Map at the bottom of the page to see.

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