Creator Packages are monthly subscriptions offering bundled booking hours at a discounted rate and other perks for anybody looking to make use of Teddy’s Place regularly. Perhaps you’re photographer or videographer, a content creator, a small businessowner, or any other creative clever cloggs… whoever you are and whatever you make, our Creator Packages could be for you!

How do they work?

  • For a monthly fee (dependent on your choice of package) you will have a certain number of bookable hours to use to book time at Teddy’s Place, which saves you money on our standard fees.
  • Packages have a minimum term of 2 months, and afterwards can be cancelled anytime.
  • Minimum 2 hour booking still applies to all creator packages.
  • Hours can be booked any time, subject to availability (we only offer a certain number of Creator Packages, to ensure that you can make full use of your credits!)
  • Creator Package subscribers get discounted rates on our lighting packages, too! Just £7 per hour!

The boring bit…

  • Only one hour from the previous month may be rolled over to the following month, unless in extenuating circumstances. (Teddy’s Place reserves the right to revoke this at any time.)
  • The minimum term for Creator Packages is 2 months, after which time they may be cancelled at any time. For example, your chosen package will be billed monthly, for the described monthly fee, for 2 months, after which time you may cancel at any time.